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“For more than ten years the company has been assembling its own collection of contemporary art. Every piece was chosen for a certain building and space, and gradually this aspect of our creative approach was transformed into a socially significant project.”

The Capital Group Art Foundation supports young contemporary artists, staging events and exhibitions and taking an active role in Moscow’s most significant cultural occasions. The idea for the Foundation arose as a result of Capital Group’s growing collection of pieces by world famous artists such as Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Julian Schnabel, Arne Quinze, Anish Kapoor, Frank Stella, Dennis Hopper and Mario Testino. The Russian part of the collection includes such names as Mikhail Rozanov, Oksana Mas, REcycle, Edward Schteinberg and many others.

The Capital Group Art Foundation works with both international and Russian contemporary artists. Among its expert board members are Olga Sviblova, head of the Moscow House of Photography and Director of the Multimedia Art Museum, to which Vladislav Doronin has provided financial support in recent years, and the popular artist Aidan Salakhova, director of the Aidan Gallery.