Vladislav Doronin has contributed to the reconstruction of Moscow’s major synagogue and key Russian Orthodox churches. For his charitable initiatives he has been granted a 1st grade Order by Patriarch Alexiy II of Moscow and All Russia.

Among his causes are the Gabrielle Angel Foundation for Cancer Research, The Moscow Charity Marathon, and the charitable initiative NEON Moscow, which raised 1.8 million dollars for Russian charities dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged Russian women and children.

In the field of nature conservation, Vladislav Doronin financed the International Tiger Summit, which in 2010 brought together heads of 13 countries St. Petersburg to discuss a global strategy for the preservation of the species in the wild.

For more than 10 years Vladislav Doronin has been contributing to young modern Russian and foreign artists. In 2009 he launched the Capital Group Art Foundation, which has supported a number of major cultural projects including the PhotoBiennale 2010; the Prix Pictet, Albert Watson and Arne Quinze exhibitions; and many others.